Realtors Cope with Real Estate Anxiety

If you're a Realtor in this current real estate market there is no doubt you have had to deal with anxiety in one form or another. The Realtor Magazine outlines some ways to calm yourself or clients in this time of a tightened market.

Calming your clients:
  1. Don't assume you knowwhat your clients are feeling - clients need to talk about what they are feeling. A home purchase is emotional and clients may feel fear or other valid emotions. You can help them through it once you understand them.
  2. Ask clients what they expect from you and you follow up - clients will have reasonable expectations about what an agent does. Find out those expectations and follow through after you commit to acceptable requests.
  3. Get their worst-case scenario on the table - help clients understand you are on their side and they can be comfortable sharing fears and anxieties.

Calming yourself:

  1. Lose the self-pity - remind yourself of earlier successes to overcome negative thoughts about current problems.
  2. Take positive actions consistently - get focused on a steady stream of good leads and prospect actively. Don't panic when things don't happen right away.
  3. Get knowledgeable - quit reading the news where there is a hopeless spin on the market and attitudes. Establish goals for leads and retool your sales strategy to meet the existing demand.