5 Reasons Real Estate Clients Won't Move Forward

In times of frequent headlines like "Where to Find Million-Dollar Foreclosures" real estate agents find clients on both the buying side and the selling side hedging and indecisive. Realtor Magazine outlines 5 reasons clients won't move forward - and how to respond.
  1. No Money
    When buyers are hesitant there may be issues with money. On the other hand the client may have trust issues with the agent and may need to be taken care of with business relationship building activities (i.e. dinner at a nice restaurant, etc.)
  2. No Need
    If a seller resists claiming no need to sell, agents need to flush out real motivation. Every home is for sale for the right price but if that price is higher than the market will bare then an agent simply wastes time. If a seller has put their home on the market it's obvious they have some intention of selling. It's important to get down to the real issues if the client is reluctant to move forward.
  3. No Desire
    A buyer may be in the perfect position to buy and actually need a home. Their personal life (i.e. divorce, etc.) can affect their timing. Again, it's important to get down to the root motivations and issues.
  4. No Time
    Some clients may throw out the "I work 24-hours per day" comment. They may have issues with agents who "just want the commission". Again, the real issue is trust. Clients need to trust their agent and feel they are not in it for money.
  5. No Trust
    It takes time to build a relationship of trust with a client. Real estate agents should spend the necessary time to develop that trust. Clients will work with and listen to the professional advice of a Realtor who they can rely on to take care of their needs.