Home Design: What's In

Here are several trends that have topped the charts as popular:
  1. A reduced carbon footprint - there is an increasing concern of how residents and home owners impact their surroundings and environment. Many are seeking to reduce energy consumption.
  2. Outdoor living - outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, patios, etc. are drawing people outside to enjoy the elements
  3. Fully-concealed appliances - many kitchen appliances are hidden behind hinged doors to improve the asthetics of a room.
  4. Floating homes - nonmobile homes sit on stationary barges in a lake or river.
  5. Home elevators - builders and contractors are catering to baby boomers who don't want to leave a prized home.
  6. Pet showers - mudrooms and garages are divided to accommodate pets and keep them clean, in turn keeping the home clean.
  7. Freestanding Bathtubs - oversized tubs have become the focus of many bathrooms.
  8. Bathroom suites - many are adding bigscreen TVs, mini fridges, and other all-in-one features to their master bedroom.

Home should be heaven. Many home owners are enhancing their real estate to provide lavish comfort and functionality.