Clear Play a Great DVD Player Choice

OK, in order to make this real estate related because my blogs are realty themed, I am going to go at this from the stand point of a home owner. :)

Like many, we try to be responsible parents so our kids will be productive citizens. Well, we found a way to enjoy movies in our home without the swearing and the "block the eyes" scenes.

We have a front projector and a huge screen. We've only been to the movie theator once in 2 or 3 years because we are patient enough to enjoy the blockbusters on our theator like environment. We watch a ton of movies as a family. However, we've always had issues with who gets to watch what because of hollywood efforts to make the movies appeal by adding raunchy stuff.

So, we made a huge $49 investment in a new Clear Play DVD player (buy it at Target not online). You have to subscribe to their service for around $50 per year and you get digital filters that cut out the crap. No cussing, no inappropriate scenes, etc. as they skillfully cut out just what's obnoxious. For the adult crowds the filters can be adjusted to allow whatever language and scenes are permittable. But for the children the filters can be maxed and any film becomes clean. And, it's legal.