Mark Cuban on the Real Estate Industry - Taking a Home Public

Whether or not you like Mark Cuban he has made some savvy business decisions over the years. His blog has become a widely read forum. He recently proposed an idea to help home owners heading toward foreclosure. I'm interested in what you think.

Generally, he suggest taking a home public by allowing a new regulated industry "purchase shares" in the home. What this would do is reduce the risk and the payment responsibility of a home owner in order to make housing more affordable. Investors would buy the shares up to a 40% equity position in anticipation of the appreciation. Home owners wouldn't see as much appreciation when the market rises but they would also have much less risk and responsibility.

There are obvious downsides and unexplained details with the banks (one of which the fact that home owners would just buy bigger houses and not minimize their risk) but I'd be interested in your thoughts on his take on investing in real estate.