20 Things that Change the Value of Your Home - For Positive or Negative

Yahoo! recently posted an article on the topic of home improvement potential. Surprisingly, some improvements actually decrease your home's value. Yahoo! suggested these as things to do to increase the value:

1. An updated kitchen
2. Modern bathrooms
3. A well-appointed master suite
4. Natural materials
5. Curb appeal
6. A light, airy spacious feel
7. Good windows
8. Landscaping
9. Lots of storage
10. Basement

They suggested the following as downers:

1. A pool
2. No garage or small garage
3. Garbled floor plan
4. Outmoded appliances or systems
5. Stale or overly personal decor
6. A bad roof
7. Bad location
8. Poor maintenance
9. Environmental hazards
10. A long list of needed home improvements

While selling Las Vegas real estate we have found many of these to be true. For example, we get asked all the time if it is better to convert a garage into an extra bedroom. Generally speaking, you don't get the return after your expenses. In some cases, the house becomes much less appealing and the price would have to be dropped to have it sell. In general, keeping a home up to date is the key.