Red Rock Area to Construct New Visitor's Center

Red Rock is one of the recreational highlights of the Summerlin area in Las Vegas. Great hikes, climbing, and beautiful scenery draw tens of thousands a year to the area. One of the features is a strategically placed visitor's center inside the loop. It displays flora and fauna of the area as well as maps. It has rest facilities and experts on the area who are helpful in answering questions.

This week it was announced that the Red Rock area will be getting a new visitor's center. The facility will cost around $23 Million. It will sit just north of the current one and will be completed in 2010.
"Red Rock Canyon is not only the most beautiful natural landmark in Southern Nevada, it has become a world-class outdoor recreational area for hikers, rock climbers, adventurers and cyclists," Warden said. "The Hughes organization is extremely proud of the role it played as a good neighbor to the conservation area and a steward of the environment."