Home Buyers Attracted to Lower Home Prices, Not Incentives

The Realtor® Magazine published an article in March about real estate purchaser preference. They claim that although incentives are attractive, lower home prices draw more interest.

Many Las Vegas real estate agents don't oppose incentives and have found success with them. However, one major factor that affects buyer interest is that fact that buyers who work with Realtors® typically use the MLS home search. There is no search criteria for "incentives" or similar terms. Potential buyers have to stumble upon incentives as they peruse and the odds of being found are lower. However, most buyers do use price as a criteria and if a seller's house priced better than its competition it will draw more views. The important thing in a tough selling market is to get as much attention as possible.

According to the article:
"The single thing that'll drive buyers and salespeople to a property is that it must be priced at today's market value. If that happens, you'll get buyers at the property, and you'll get practitioners there, too, because they believe buyers will buy."