Las Vegas Homes and Las Vegas Home Sellers

Las Vegas homes are typically valuable, quality purchases. When buying a home be sure your home is what the seller says it is. A desperate seller may actually be like a used car salesperson. Here are 10 lies (details at MSNBC) a desperate home seller may tell you:
  • “My neighbors are wonderful!”
  • “The roof leaked once, but we fixed it.”
  • “I’ve only seen one termite on the deck.”
  • “There’s no radon — ever.”
  • “I didn’t know I should have told you about the foreclosure.”
  • “The planes from the airport don’t fly over this house.”
  • “Of course we had a permit to build the new addition.”
  • “There’s never been any flooding.”
  • “Our schools are great!”
  • “They can’t build on that lot across the street.”

The best protection you can get is a quality real estate agent or team who has a trusted group of real estate professionals to make sure you follow appropriate steps of protection. They will know what to look for and they'll be on your side.