Cher Doing Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas entertainment is some of the best in the world - we are the entertainment capital of the world! Cher seems to agree with that stance. She is taking on a 3 year spot at Caesars Palace starting in May. Her show, which will run and hopefully sell out 200 times, costs from $95-250. She will replace Celine Dion.

According to the RJ, she said, "Las Vegas is way over the top, and the show that I do is way over the top. I feel that it just has to be," Cher, 61, said in a telephone interview. "I guess you could go on in a black dress (and sing), but oh, I would just want to slit my wrist."

Residents and visitors alike will be in for a surprise in Las Vegas. She claims she will do something that hasn't been done before. We look forward to her show.