Your Home's Price - Tomorrow

Yahoo reposted an article by explaining the future of real estate. Many have been shocked by the rapid rise in prices a few years ago and the rapid decline in many parts of the country. Well, where does that leave us for the future? Summed up, if we wait out the storm, we'll be fine. If we act at the right time we'll be very well off.
"Over long periods housing, like stocks and bonds, follows a set of economic fundamentals. No matter how far prices get unhinged in a speculative craze - and we've just witnessed a blowout - those basic forces eventually regain their grip."
Markets oscilate, right? It just so happens that speculators drove many of the prices of this last boom. Timing was key. Those who bought at the right time did very well. Those who didn't, well, we know what has happened to many of them. With ready access to key information be prepared for another wave as markets heat up again.