Las Vegas: Party Town or Family Town

The fabulous city of Las Vegas has a unique history, culture, and life style. Most people throughout the world view Las Vegas as "The Strip". The nightlife, gaming industry, amazing performances, and other aspects of down town have set an image of excitement, fun, glamour, and party. However, The Strip and down town are only one aspect of the city.

Over the past couple of decades the Las Vegas and its surrounding areas has grown into a powerful job market. As in most communities when jobs are plentiful a demand for housing is established as people move in from other areas with less employment strength. As a result, a huge residential ring has developed around the heart of the city. Thousands of houses, hundreds of schools, parks, commons facilities, etc. have sprung up to support the influx of people.

Many who do business here enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife and participate in the many activities. However, families and individuals who move to the valley only to make a living, raise a family, and/or enjoy the climate can focus on those activities without being pulled into the glitz of the city. The Strip turns into a billboard to them and they go about their own business.