Massive Mansion in Conn. Stands at 50,900 Sqft

My ongoing quest for over-the-top properties continues regardless if it is in Las Vegas or not. The news reported this home in Conn. at a whopping 50,9oo sqft! Supposedly, only 17,000 feet are above ground and visible. However, some 33,500 feet are in a basement level. The thing is 4,000 feet smaller than the white house. What?!?!

It is 20 times larger than the average home in the US (about 2,500 sqft). What would you possibly do with that much space. Well, it does have a full movie theater (103 seats, consessions, ticket booth, etc.) It only has 5 bedrooms and some 13 bathrooms. Will the occupants actually ever see the whole house accept for during the tour when they move in? It's some house.