Home Appraisal and Sales: Define Bedroom

In Las Vegas, a question that common arises to real estate agents is how many bedrooms a house really has. Often a space is classified a den or an office. It may just be a room. However, when listing a house the typical guidelines is the room should have two exits (i.e. a door and a window or two doors). It should also have a closet space in newer homes (some older homes may classify as having bedrooms because they were built without closets so owners could use a freestanding wardrobe).

There are actually varying codes and guidelines but those listed above are common. Here are some others that can be found but may differ from other guidelines:
  • at least 70 square feet
  • no tandem doors (connecting to another bedroom)

The best way to be safe is to ask a real estate professional and they will find out for you or refer you to someone who has the answer.