Stave Off Foreclosure

Recently Las Vegas was reported as one of the highest rates of foreclosure. I talked to a guy who was going to be late on a payment and thought he was going to be thrown out so he just walked away from the home. I'm thinking, "What!?!?" I told him to go back and stick it out until he was asked to leave.

Some people don't understand that missing payment or getting behind isn't the end of the world. The first thing to do is to contact the mortgage servicer immediately. Contact them and ask what options are available. In fact, call before the payment is late to see what options there are. In some cases loans have been altered and missed payments tacked on to the principle balance.

In some cases the lender only requires a partial payment for a couple of months to allow the owner to get back on top of their game.

The key is to not throw in the towel just because you've heard of others going under and getting foreclosed upon. Contact the mortgage company and find out what they require, what options are available, and what the consequences will be. In many cases they will work with you to help your situation.