Las Vegas Home Market Recovery

The drastic growth in housing inventory in Las Vegas has caused prices to dip some. Surprizingly, home prices have remained resilient compared to other markets in the US. The good news is that the Las Vegas market shows strong signs of recovery in the near future. A local representative of First American Title Co. recently held a meeting where team members were in attendance. A statement was made that some 60,000 jobs are slated for third quarter 2009 just for some of the projects on the Strip. An article in the RJ suggests the World Market Center will be a catalyst for business growth spurring more employment opportunities. Other buzz suggests that the end of 2008 will see considerable momentum in the housing market.

Las Vegas is resilient in part because of the great job potential. Those people need a place to live. Those looking for investments who understand to buy low and sell high should be considering to make a move soon in Las Vegas.