More Change on the Las Vegas Strip: Frontier Hotel Casino to Close

Another casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is closing its doors awaiting development of yet another huge real estate project. The Frontier, opened in 1942, closed its doors at 12:01am this morning. The 105 room hotel has quite the history as it has become a landmark in the ever popular Las Vegas Boulevard.

The announcement comes with little shock after recent implosions of classic casinos like the Stardust. Many who may have seen the Strip as long as 2 or 3 years ago wouldn't recognized the changed skyline. Huge high rise towers and other projects have popped up in the "Manhattanization" phase of Las Vegas.

Other parts of the valley continue to see growth as well. Residential properties continue to build out across the valley.

Even in a national downturn of the real estate market Las Vegas remains strong.