The Virtual World of Real Estate

Let me start off that I can't wait until the end of fax machines. I think the time is close at hand where an agent can carry around his tablet computer with contracts included, a client finds a home and right there the agent digitally fills out the contract and gets a signature. A wireless internet connection allows the agent to send the contract on to the listing agent. The listing agent receives the message and clicks a link taking him/her to a secure site where they can find the new offer and respond. The contracts are stored in a secure, backed up environment to reduce risk of loss. Document repositories will handle all of the transactions...

The NAR magazine suggests that perhaps our children may be able to do a transaction in a virtual manner without ever meeting an agent. In fact, Caldwell banker is running experiments with the social network Second Life. The technology we will see will drastically change our line of work.

The next decade will be interesting indeed.