Real Estate Agent Career Likely a Revolving Door

Whose eyes don't light up when they hear about top real estate agents who sell a million dollar home and net a huge pay check...and then they do it again. Some of the top real estate agents in the market make a killing. However, that's like any other industry. The top professionals perform and benefit from their career. The reality is that surviving in a real estate agent career is as challenging as starting any other business, and running it alone.

In Las Vegas, real estate professionals have seen the revolving door over the years. New comers pay for school, license, MLS fees, broker fees, etc. and a majority only close a few homes in a year and they are likely not million dollar homes.

Being a real estate agent is like running your own business. You much generate the leads, convert them, manage your office, handle your own taxes, stay trained, handle all expenses, etc. Those who perform better than average at all aspects of running a business have a shot. Those who are under skilled in some area may struggle. Teams form that way. Teams can be successful if run correctly. However, a team is still a full business and now there are multiple personalities to manage.

We were told in the beginning by a very successful agent, "if you can survive through your second year and you've diligently been building the business, you have a great shot."

I would echo that statement. If you can survive on few transactions in your first year, break even in your second year you have a good shot at making it happen in the third.