Las Vegas Real Estate Agency as Protection

Las Vegas real estate agency is when a real estate broker or salesperson provides services of representation for a client attempting or succeeding in the purchase of Las Vegas real estate. Las Vegas real estate agents are bound by law as well as a code of ethics to provide services within limits set forth by the state and Board of Realtors®. The fiduciary responsibility is to protect the client and others involved in the transaction. For example: unsuspecting clients may be duped without honest and trusted representation.

Buyers and sellers of Las Vegas real estate seek out representation for the same reasons someone expected in trial seeks out a lawyer. They seek expertise and aid in finding a home, preparing a home, marketing a home correctly, and putting together the appropriate paperwork. There are many aspects to a real estate transaction. In fact, most people who are professional investors will use agents because of the complexities that can arise as well as the fact that they don't want to have countless hours tied up in the sale.

Las Vegas buyers and sellers should search out an agent who is a Realtor®. Realtors® are held to a higher standard than just anyone with a license. There are agents who will hang their license with a referral, non-MLS broker to receive money when they refer someone to a new home builder or another agent. However, these agents usually work on a part time basis and will likely have very few tools to aid them. You will want a full time Realtor® working for a professional full service company.