Las Vegas Home Sellers Be Prepared for Anything

Some Las Vegas home sellers are trying everything to sell homes as they retain high values. It also appears to be a national challenge. Reportedly, sellers hire Realtors, feng shui experts, etc. We've seen them make cold calls, throw in autos, trips, etc.
"In such a hypercompetitive market, you have to go way beyond what everyone else is doing - especially if you want to move your home quickly. Old standbys like slapping a fresh coat of paint on your clapboards or throwing in a complimentary plasma TV just won't cut it."
The bottom line: most homes sell when it's offered at the right price. Buyers have so many options today that they spend time in the Las Vegas MLS and the primary criteria they begin with is price and square footage. There are other strategies that real estate agents may use to get the home sold.