Las Vegas RJ Suggests Using a Real Estate Professional to Help Determine Home Value when Selling

Selling a home in Las Vegas requires some skill and dedication. The Las Vegas Review Journal suggests contacting a real estate professional or Realtor® to help determine the value when selling a home. Many areas feature homes of varied values and determining that amount can be the difference between selling a home for too little, not selling it at all, or selling it at the correct market value. It is the market that determines the value of the home, not an appraiser or home owner. If the home is over valued it will simply not sell. If it is under valued it will sell quickly but cash is left on the table.

The best way to value a home is to have a skilled real estate agent prepare a CMA using the GLVAR MLS search system. The system tracks homes for sale and homes sold. Competent Las Vegas Realtors® can pull the appropriate stats and compile them into a report with a strong recommended selling strategy. Sellers who use agents are much more likely to sell their home and will sell it for a considerable amount more. In fact, even though a sell pays an agent they typically make out better than if they sell for sale by owner. If you are planning to sell contact an agent today to prepare the best strategy.