GLVAR Suggests Thinking Twice About Becoming an Agent

The GLVAR posted an article to those considering becoming an agent. They claim there is a considerable sacrifice in time and for most the pay is not significant.
"...According to the Department of Labor, the median income for a real estate agent is about $39,760 per year, as of May 2006. The middle 50 percent earn between $26,790 and $65,270 annually, and the top 10 percent earn around $111,500 per year...Of course, superstar agents can earn several times that top number."
Many agents have left the industry in the recent downturn. Many have second jobs just to get by. A successful Las Vegas Realtor® usually has some sort of team and makes themselves well known through out the valley. If you plan to be a top agent it would be wise to interview another top agent to see what they do. If an agent can't see how they maybe in the top 10% based on some past experience they should consider the sacrifices made to earn what many make standard at another job.