10 Traits that Make You a Millionaire

Many real estate agents I know struggle to become wealthy. Many just don't make money. Many who make money aren't disciplined enough to manage it. A few are wise and take care of their finances. Here are 10 traits listed by Yahoo that will help any professional become wealthy over time:
  1. Be patient
  2. Be satisfied
  3. Be organized
  4. Be disciplined
  5. Be reflective
  6. Be creative
  7. Be curious
  8. Be a risk taker
  9. Be goal oriented
  10. Work hard and smart

Recent years proved very profitable for many Realtors. Some in Las Vegas made a lot of money simply because of the volume of sales. Now that times are tougher, many are struggling and many have had to find that second job. Take care of the finances when times are good and the ride will be more smooth when times are not.