Las Vegas a Great Place to Live

There are hundreds of reasons to live in Las Vegas or invest here. Las Vegas still thrives during a time of national economic issues. World renown shows, clubs, casinos, hotels draw millions of locals and tourists annually. Real estate recently appreciated at historic rates and future expectations are strong. New casino projects are popping up all over, high rise condos/hotels are scheduled by the dozens along with well planned communities, jobs are abundant, new home developments continue to build out as demand for property remains steady and tourists flood The Strip.

Las Vegas is in its Manhattanization Phase. Great city growth, both outward and upward, is anticipated over the next decade. Job growth has been strong and with massive entertainment and retail projects currently under way it is expected that many more jobs will become available.

Local housing is surrounded by great schools, parks, easy access freeways, shopping, and jobs. People can choose from many different types of communities to fit their taste.