States Begin to Standarize Mortgage Broker Rules

Real estate agents tend to be quite regulated in their practices from state to state. However, mortgage brokers and agents have seen fewer restrictions. Getting a license in NV, for example, isn't nearly as vigorous as for real estate agents.

However, that may be changing in some states. 7 states: Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York and Rhode Island have launched a standardized and mandatory process to more thoroughly license and track mortgage brokers.
"While mortgage regulations vary dramatically from one state to another, the new system creates a uniform application for mortgage brokers and a database that banking regulators, and eventually consumers, can use to track down brokers who try to work in one state after being banned from another. Consumers should have access by next year." - MSNBC
This may be a trend we see on a more national basis to help protect consumers.