Las Vegas "Downtown Centennial Plan" Well Under Way

In 2000 Las Vegas officials released a plan (revised in 2007) to Manhattanize Las Vegas. Anyone who visited the Strip for the very successful New Years bash has noticed the new skyline. What many may not know is the full extent of the city's central revamping.

Las Vegas has been divided into nine districts:
  1. Office Core
  2. Las Vegas Boulevard
  3. Downtown South (includes The Las Vegas Arts District)
  4. Union Park
  5. Central Casino Core
  6. Northern Strip Gateway
  7. East Village (includes Freemont East Entertainment District)
Note: two of the districts are included in larger districts.

Las Vegas real estate in many parts of the city are affected by the redevelopment. High rises and other forms of residential living along with considerable commercial projects will reshape the heart of the Las Vegas valley.