First Time Las Vegas Home Buyer Asperations

I spoke with a young man recently who is finishing college and has the world in his talented hands. He could choose any direction and he would succeed. He said one of his first goals once he nails down what his plans will be is to purchase a Las Vegas home. He sees the value his parents home has gained even in the downturn and is timing the market just right to get into the market. His eyes are fixed on the news and determining when to get in. He understands that later this year and into the next there will be more than 60,000 (some report 100,000+) new jobs drawing residents from all over. Well, the rental industry supply is low and there are currently less than 25,000 listings including condos and townhomes. What happens when a supply is extinguished and demand remains high? Simple economics say the prices will rise. The buzz is getting exciting. Many are asking, "when is the market going to swing?" The answer is soon and according to many it will be a considerable swing.