10 Tips for Protecting Your Credit

Buying a home requires good credit in most cases. Restrictions are tighter today than they were before. So, protecting your credit is very important. This report suggests 10 tips to protect that credit score:
  1. Reflect on the ways errors can creep in
  2. Check out your credit report
  3. Contact the credit bureau first
  4. Keep good records
  5. Go to the source as well
  6. Understand how mistakes should be handled
  7. Take a deep breath
  8. Be alert for telltale signs of identity theft
  9. Do you need legal help
  10. Think you’ve been a victim of identity theft

It is critical to check in on your score from time to time. I have had my credit card stolen twice and I never leave it out of site. The bank called to report unusual activity and remedied the situation. However, had they not caught the fraud I would have been in for a long process. Securing a home, auto or education can hinge on good credit.