Las Vegas Welcomes 2 Millionth Resident - Unexpectedly

Las Vegas has been rapidly approaching the 2 million resident mark. Reportedly, the demographics have been under-calculated for along time. Supposedly, 3 months ago the number was reached but no one knew because some 27,000 county residents had gone uncounted.
"The subtle processing error, which had gone unnoticed for some time and involved housing units built in large developments during the second half of a calendar year, resulted in the discovery of about 27,000 county residents who had previously gone uncounted...All of that translated to an official July 1 population estimate for Clark County of 1,996,542. And from that figure has produced a host of guesses about whether -- and when -- the county's odometerrolled over to 2 million."
The Las Vegas housing market growth has not declined as much as was expected and it was misreported. So, congradulations Las Vegas!