Las Vegas Realtor Reaches Milestone of 100,000 on Active|Rain

I did it! I finally reached 100,000 points on ActiveRain.

When I created my Las Vegas real estate agent web site I pushed to find a way to make it successful. I have never paid a dime for SEO and want to keep it that way. I want to promote the site myself to stay in touch with client needs and the market. So, I started out with link exchange, which only provided minor results. Then, I signed up with various networking communities, which provided minor results. Then, I tried blogging and again found minor results. Together these activities were helping considerably but not enough.

Then, I found ActiveRain. I set up my account and started blogging there. Within weeks my site was climbing like crazy for real estate related search terms for Las Vegas. Since then, I set a goal to reach 100k points on their site. It represents a ton of work but was worth it. My blog there has generated a ton of traffic to my site and I have created some cool relationships along the way.

Yesterday, my business partner posted a blog which pushed me over the 6 figure mark and helped me reach my goal. Thanks Nate!

I plan to slow up just a bit, posting once daily instead of 10 times a week. It takes 15 minutes a day to really make a difference in the business.

Thanks AR!

- Darren