Black Friday Hype

This time of the year is always interesting when it comes to shopping. Santa products started popping up weeks ago. Now the trees are coming out. And, now on to shopping. Stories of the Zune selling out in hours as mad shoppers run through stores. The Las Vegas malls are packed. So, what to do? Here are some tips for surviving Black Friday: Tips. I found a couple to be particularly helpful:
  1. Shop on the net - You can find great deals online if you invest the time.
  2. Don't go shopping - There will be plenty of deals over the next month. Take your time and be patient.
  3. Do your homework - Not all deals are as good as that flashy price tag claim. Often, there are places to pick up an item that's always on discount.

I guess the point is to not let the emotion get to us. There are great deals out there and we don't necessarily need one day to get them all...