America's Wealth Report

Supposedly, every 3 years the Fed does a study to determine how wealth/viable US citizens are. Surprisingly, it doesn't take much income or overall wealth to rank in the top percentiles. Many of us thing you must be worth millions to rank as rich or make hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's not what we'd think.

According to the report:
If you and yours are bringing in $40,000 a year, you're doing better than half the households in America...If your household income is $170,000, you're among the nation's top 10 percent wage earners...Anything in six figures means you're in the top 20 percent...
Interestingly, the amounts are per household not per individual. For net worth (anything you have in equity or of significant sustainable value minus debts and liabilities) the figures were surprising as well.
Across all households, the national median net worth is $86,000.
Though the report was very interesting, I think it very important to remember that while we may struggle to climb the ladder and stay on top of our finances we are fortunate to live in a country where this is even a stat to track. In many countries $1 a day or less keeps you alive. We're very fortunate to get to do what we do and live as we do.