Troubles Selling a Las Vegas Home?

Many Las Vegas homes are just sitting and sellers are wondering why. Ask some questions that will help you get the best market value for your home.

Is Your Las Vegas Home Priced Correctly?
The Las Vegas market will determine how much your house will sell for. In the end it will sell for what a buyer will pay for it. Your emotion and what you think your home is worth don't necessarily equate to the actual selling price. You can't "give your home away" if no one is willing to take it. A good agent will sell the house for as much as he can because the sale directly affects his pocketbook. In the same token, if the house doesn't sell it affects his pocketbook. An agent has the same motivation to sell the home and to sell it for the max price possible. What is your agent doing to show you the evidence of what the home is worth? Work with your agent to set a realistic price. They should remain objective as they compare homes in the area to yours. They will understand the current market for the area and help you adjust the terms based on whether it is a buyer's or seller's market.

Is Their Marketing Plan Effective?
Review your agent's plan and make sure it is well executed. They should have an aggressive program to expose the home to as many qualified people as possible. Where does the marketing money go? How is it used to produce potential purchasers?

Is Your Agent Accountable to You?
What happens if your Las Vegas agent can't get the job done. Do they have a way for you to "fire" them if they can't get the job done? Be sure your agent communicates with you regularly so you know how the home sale is going. They should provide feedback to you and remain accountable.