Red Socks Sweep in World Series

The Red Sox made their statement last night as they won game 4 sweeping the Rockies. An article I read days ago said that the game was pitched as "the best versus the hottest". The Sox have bested teams all throughout the playoffs. The Rockies were on an amazing streak. But, when it came down to it, consistent talent proved champion.

A stout payroll and great team building has made the Sox a powerhouse. Their strategy was well played and they came out shining.
"They beat us with small ball. They beat us with the long ball," Colorado's LaTroy Hawkins said after the Red Sox had finished blowing a hole in his team's 21-1 bubble with a howitzer. "They beat us every which way you could imagine, brother. I'm not going to sit here and say what Eric Byrnes said about us, that we outplayed 'em, because it ain't true. They got us. They got us good."