Las Vegas Housing Market to Spring Back to Life

The SalesTraq Crystal Ball event provided some great information to Las Vegas real estate agents and others involved in the industry. The market will remain a buyers market for some time to come.
Homeowners can expect a sustained slide in property values at least into early 2008, and perhaps into 2009, the 500 or so attendees at SalesTraq's Crystal Ball seminar learned.
Larry Murphy, president of the organization, suggested that prices may continue to slide slightly.
"Give it 12 months to 18 months," Murphy said.
Sellers should hold on to their home unless they must move. If they must, it is important to price the home correctly. Buyers are urged to make their move. Great deals are to be had and thousands of people are expected to move into the valley over the next couple of years because of the need to fill jobs created by huge business projects.