10 Tips for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a popular concept in Las Vegas. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind:
  1. Reflecting Disharmony
    Remove or cover large mirrors in the bedroom if you don’t sleep well.
  2. Room with a View
    Place your bed to give you the widest view of the room. Your bed shouldn’t be in direct line with the door. Paint the bedroom walls in a color scheme that is both pleasant and inviting.
  3. Calming Sounds
    Hang wind chimes outside your front door to create a soothing environment for occupants and guests.
  4. Writing on the Wall
    Try to avoid having completely bare walls. Group together non-personal pictures or hang up interesting art pieces in a diagonal or staggered pattern.
  5. Go with the Flow
    Place a blue or black doormat at your front door to encourage good things to flow in like water.
  6. The Color of Love
    Include the romance colors–white, pink and red–in your room. But don’t overdose with a red wall because too much red can trigger anger.
  7. Plants for Energy
    Healthy plants generate positive energy. Avoid dried flowers because they have no energy left.
  8. Look Overhead
    Move beds, couches and desks from under any overhead beams to keep energy flowing.
  9. Less is More
    When arranging furniture, less is better. Too much clutter can restrict the potential of a great room.
  10. Create Positive Impressions
    Keep counters clean, closets organized and clutter concealed in order to project an organized and stress-free environment for you and your guests.