Las Vegas Real Estate Statistics (2007 August Month End)

Summary: Numbers hold steady. Prices hold steady, sales hold steady, and market strength hold steady. Buyers dip toe into market, testing and waiting to make a move.

Las Vegas Listings: (view chart)
Listing numbers grew slowly in August adding to the pressure to home sellers. Home buyers have been waiting for their prime opportunity to jump into a home.

Las Vegas Market Strength: (view chart)
The number of homes sold were down but on the three month average the market hasn't yet shown weakness compared to the national market.

Las Vegas Resale Homes Sold: (view chart)
The number of homes sold was similar to July. Home buyers have had some difficulty closing with new strict lending requirements.

Las Vegas Median Prices: (view chart)
Median prices are relatively unchanged. They're holding steady at between $275k - 285k.

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Watch Conclusion: (view chart)
The market is really flat. Many buyers are on the fense. This means that there will be a considerable influx in purchases once they all begin to make their move.

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