Mt. Charleston Get Away

Mt. charleston is only 30-60 minutes from Las Vegas, depending on which community you live in. The roads to get there are paved and there is plenty of signage to help visitors make their way around. There are 2 well known canyons: Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon. They are connected by the road on the east side of the mountain.

Mt. Charleston has some of the best real estate for sale in the area. Stunning views, secluded lots, and mountain style homes are a drastic change from common housing in the valley. There are homes ranging from under $1 million on up to multi-million. Home owners enjoy the change in season and experience snow and other weather than the common Vegas sun.

Visitors enjoy all sorts of recreational activities. Some ski, some camp, others explore, and some just make a day of it with a picnic setting. Whether people own a property around the area or just visit they have the opportunity to enjoy a change from the city life.