Life Style: Getting Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas communities offer great amenities. A feature that may be overlooked, because of the famous chapels on the Strip, is the wedding settings. Whether it be on a golf course in Aliante or a golf club in Summerlin, there are amazing facilities and scenes for a couple to get married in.

Couples can choose locations with backdrops like lakes, the Las Vegas skyline, or other outdoor scenes. We've seen weddings at sunset with the ducks in the background, weddings on acreage of lawn with trees in the surroundings, and weddings in chapels in the hotel casinos on the Strip.

Those who are LDS plan to marry in the temple on the east side of town. hundreds of other chapels dot the valley as well.

There are catering services, community centers, and adequate facilities for large crowds or the cozy little event.

Ask around and you'll find many options to tie the knot in Las Vegas.