Las Vegas Sellers' Real Property Disclosure

In Las Vegas, sellers are required to disclose details about the property they are selling. The requirement is found in the Nevada Revised Statutes. All sellers must fill out the form and deliver it to the buyer at least 10 days prior to the closing. As outlined by the Southern Nevada's Realtor Magazine there are only 4 exemptions:
  1. the sale is by foreclosure pursuant to NRS 107
  2. the sale is between co-owners of the property, spouses, or persons related within the third degree of consanquinity
  3. the sale is the first sale of a residence that was constructed by a licensed contractor
  4. the sale is made by a relocation company who facilitates the sale on behalf of a person who reloctes.

The SRPD contains information about the property's condition. Sellers should fill it out honestly and completely and buyers should pour through it. Your real estate agent will provide direction in finding the form and filling it out correctly.