Las Vegas Housing: Employer Assisted Housing Program

The Las Vegas housing market has seen some amazing times as it has set records in sales and appreciation. One issue has accompanied the increase in home values. Current potential buyers struggle to purchase. The GLVAR, the association of Realtors for Las Vegas, has put together a program to help employees of companies who participate in the Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) program.

Companies that participate offer incentives to help employees establish housing. Some of the benefits may include:
  • down payment assistance
  • monthly payment assistance
  • credit repair
  • education

Employees may have to qualify in the following ways:

  • Work full time
  • Attend a certified homebuyer education class
  • Pre-qualify with a lender before participating
  • Home must be primary residence

To find out more about the program contact a Las Vegas real estate agent who is a Realtor in the valley.