Time Shares - To Buy or Not To Buy - 7 Tips

The time share industry seems to be booming. However, there are many practices out there that are a little sketchy. Many people love their purchases while others have mixed reviews. In the end, if you plan to make a purchase do your research and beware.

This article outlines several tips in buying: http://www.bankrate.com/natl/news/real-estate/20070410_timeshare_vacation_pressure_a1.asp

Briefly, the 7 tips are:
  • Know the numbers
  • Deal with high pressure sales tactics
  • Walk away
  • Don't buy into the "real estate" spiel
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Pick a vacation spot because you like it
  • Become a second owner to avoid depreciation

Many people find joy in vacationing in a certain location and a time share fits their goals. However, time shares don't necessarily increase in value so know your product before you buy.