Realtors and Video Content for Their Web Sites

There has been considerable buzz suggesting that web sites, resumes, and other forms of marketing are going toward video and leaving behind basic static content. Don't be fooled by this claim. It's cool and some people can pull it off but video presentations have to be extremely professional to be effective. Actors and news anchors are a good example of how important a professional image must be. Either a lot of personality or a good deal of good looks will help some be successful but a visual image can create a lot of opportunity for discrimination even before a personal meeting.

There have been discussions on whether or not a Realtor should even have a picture on their agent website. Imagine how damaging a poorly done video could be to a professional's image. Even a well done video can be distracting and cost a user time in finding what they came looking for. For now, stick to professional, static content for web design and resumes.