Home Theators: Affordable Luxury

I love my movies. Friday night, a successful week's work accomplished, the kids off to bed and it's time to relax. Pop some corn, pour a cold drink and sit back from the 109 inch front projected screen and enjoy any preferred movie.

For anywhere between $800 and $10,000 a homeowner can take advantage of amazing home theators these days. Some prefer a large flat panel TV with surround sound and some prefer the front projector hanging from the ceiling with rich surround sound.

I went to the movie theator with my wife for the first time in 3 years the other night. It was fun but I didn't experience anything much different than what we have in the house. We are patient and await all of the big movies. They arrive in the mail and we watch them as we please. Our theator is of high enough quality that we can't justify the trip to the cinema and $20 for tickets and rediculous prices for treats. We just dim the lights, pop off the shoes, and lean back in the recliners to view our favorite flicks.

As projectors, TVs, and sound equipment are more and more affordable we'll see and increased number of homes for sale with theators included. I, for one, plan to have a theator set up in all of our future homes.