What happens when the swamp cooler goes out?

A friend of mine just had his swamp cooler go out in his house. He called around to have a guy come in and get things fixed so the summer heat didn't cook the family. He said it was easy to find someone who could work on A/C units but finding someone who could respond quickly to an outed swamp cooler was a big challenge. The guy he finally found was a week out and gave no bid over the phone. So, it could end up being quite a head ache.

Here are some things to do to maintain a cooler to prolong its life:
  1. http://ag.arizona.edu/cochise/waterwise/swampcooler.html
  2. http://www.jbmailroom.com/swamper/
  3. http://www.servicemagic.com/article.show.Swamp-Cooler-Maintenance.13265.html

It probably pays to seek out a few companies ahead of time for items like this so that when it does eventually die you have a resource to go to quickly.