Selling a Las Vegas Home "For Sale By Owner"

Some Las Vegas home owners want to give a shot at selling their home themselves. Ironically, the phone begins to ring and the majority of calls are made by real estate agents trying to list their home. What most who try to sell their own home don't realize is that they will be competing against all of the homes in the community that are being marketed by Realtor's with special tools and years of experience. It will likely be challenging and very frustrating.

It is important to educate yourself and prepare yourself for the ride. If your marketing plan is not well executed your home could remain on the Las Vegas market much longer than you expect because you are not attracting buyers. You may have an offer accepted at some point but your buyer is not qualified and will fall out of escrow. Many sellers become frustrated and give up. Here are some tips to help you determine if selling the house on your own is the appropriate approach vs. using a professional real estate agent.
  1. Price it Right
  2. Prepare Your Home for Sale
  3. Have the appropriate legal documentation and representation as needed
  4. Market Your Home Effectively
  5. Remain Objective During a Showing of Your Home
  6. Pre-Qualify Your Prospects
  7. Negotiate Effectively & Knowledgeably
  8. Know Your Las Vegas Buyer
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