The Las Vegas Summer Heat is Here

I went for my morning run yesterday late morning and was abruptly reminded of how wonderful spring and fall are here in Las Vegas. I just peered at the little weather checker thing on my site at 8:20 am and it is 85 degrees. Welcome to a Las Vegas summer!

Many people (especially retirees) do the snowbird thing because of the mild winters, yet toasty summers. The Sun City communities are perfect for some. For others, condos and temporary homes work great.

I hear Lake Mead is like bath water right now. We were down there last summer and we had a blast because the water was so comfortable. Sounds like a trip to the shorelines is in order.

I can see why so many are drawn to the valley for vacation. Tons of entertainment, food, and social settings. Ironically, I'll be heading north to a Montana cabin this summer for the peace and quiet (and to see if I can get one last snow-sledding ride in).

Good thing the evenings are so great for BBQ and pool parties. Avoid the outdoors during the middle of the day and enjoy the yard in the evening during the summer months. And then, the beauty of the fall season rolls around. Sounds like fun.