Las Vegas Home Owner's Associations

Recently some acquaintances ran into some headaches with their Las Vegas home owners association. When it was established it was set up as a full fledged association. However, no one ever really took the bull by the horns and enforced it so it turned into a landscape HOA. Now, the president of the landscape HOA wants to reform the HOA to enforce the original policy. There is quite a dispute over the procedings. Not many people think the president will be successful. Homes are painted the wrong colors and many other costly violations have been in place for years and to require owners to revert will be difficult.

An article in the RJ explained the power of the HOA. The board is the entity that has power to make changes and enforce policy. The president would have to secure a significant amount of the votes in the community to make any changes. At this point not much will happen. HOA's are supposed to be there for the residents. If the HOA does not enforce its bylaws then the residents will act in their own interest and the HOA becomes irrelevant.