Free Business Advice - SCORE Business Group

A real estate agent is always in search of the new idea for marketing or advice on how to improve the marketing they are doing. We recent heard of an organizations called SCORE. They are a volunteer organization who offer their professional services free of charge.

Well, our experience reiterated that often you get what you pay for. See, we have an expanded budget we are hoping to invest in some sort of marketing so were looking for advice in what type of program to pursue. We were considering enhancing our web program.

We got to the office and filled out the information sheet. Then, we were introduced to our "advisor" guy. It was comical. We started talking about our stats and direction and what we wanted to spend. We asked if he thought we were in the right direction and his reply was, "Uh, internet? I think you're headed in the right direction." I looked at my business partner and it became evident we weren't going to get anywhere.

The guy called another advisor in whose time was also way before the internet and said we were headed in the wrong direction and needed to focus on the newspaper for our ads. Funny, because newspaper ads produce very little traffic here in Las Vegas.

Anyway, if you see an advertisement for SCORE be prepared for the FREE advice.